Four figures look out over the great city of Aldar. Beneath them they see many grand buildings, made of the same shiny white stone as the tower upon which they now stand. Domes, spires, and other towers dot the cityscape. Straining their eyes to see through the wispy white mist that pervades the city, they can just make out throngs of people of all races in the streets far below them: traders, craftsmen, merchants, and more, going about their daily business in what has recently become the commercial and industrial capital of the world. New magical and technological developments mean that the richer classes in Aldar live in the highest of luxury…

But just as Aldar is divided between the haves and the have-nots, as is the rest of the world – the haves being Aldar and the have-nots everyone else. Other settlements are scattered around the world, remnants of various old empires, their grand history now forgotten. While in Aldar new ideas advance the course of industry and commerce – possibly the early beginnings of a new great empire – most of the world’s population are simple village farmers, travelling merchants, and local craftsmen, their lives still steeped in the traditions and superstitions of the old countries.

But while the people of the world are busy with their own business, great and terrible things are afoot. Recently, rumours of strange and terrifying beasts in the wilderness have been more prevalent. Fanatical cults of dark gods are appearing more frequently.

It is rumours like these that the four figures set out to investigate, as they turn from the sprawling vista of the Misty City...

The campaign follows the adventures of The Light Empyrean, a recently-formed adventuring party, as they set out from Aldar, the Misty City.

The Party

Kadath – A Tiefling Warlock with his head in the stars (or possibly the other way round)
Korrin – A Dragonborn Warlord who has found a new squad to lead into battle
Solace – A Tiefling Templar on a mission to bring the light of his deity into the encroaching darkness.
Lore – A Tiefling scholar of wizardry who seeks to try his magic out in the real world.

Formation of the Party

Prologue Part I – Wherein Kadath and Solace follow the lights empyrean to Dunwich and alliances are formed against a common anathema.
Prologue Part II – Wherein Korrin finds a new calling and alliances are strengthened over spilled Echra blood.
Prologue Part III – Wherein Lore makes some new friends, and meets up with his long lost friend, Quarion Lanarias, who has a task for the newly formed Light Empyrean...

The Light Empyrean

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