The Light Empyrean

Entering the Shadowfell

Week of adventuring 20th-26th March 2009

Left Aldar on an airship, traveling to Winterhaven.
Airship attacked by goblinoid mercenaries.
Cleared Winterhaven’s graveyard of undead.
Cleared a ruined keep’s cellars of undead, battled a cultist turned blood elemental, and headed through a portal to the shadowfell.
Cleared a pentagonal keep of undead aided by a Shadar-Kai ranger.
Attacked in tavern in Simvita by undead dwarf seeking revenge on Kadath.
Set out to ruined city to investigate Orcus cult.
Cleared a path to a temple through city.
Stormed temple of Orcus, killed the high priest and ‘The Beast’, a large undead.



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