The Light Empyrean

'Day One' - The Journey To Winterhaven

In which portents make themselves known

With Acamar at its celestial apex, it was only natural that today should herald great things. The influence of that distant red star continues to draw me on even as I stop to record these thoughts. Of significant note they are, too.

I was pleased to find out today we would be departing Aldar at the behest of one ‘Quarion Lanarias’, an eladrin mage. I can see why he gravitates towards our scholarly new companion, the two are much alike in their constant desire to study any and every phenomenon the world holds. The lifetimes of a thousand devas would not be sufficient to index the wonders of the multiverse, so why waste a life in this manner? This I cannot answer.

Our transport was a reasonably impressive affair – a flying boat of no small size. Lore, predictably, paid far more attention to it than myself. Its crew gave themselves quaint thematic names and the ship itself bore an appellation I don’t currently recall. All this was, of course, largely inconsequential as the behemoth served no purpose other than to carry us from one location to another. Unsurprisingly, this simple task could not be completed without fanfare. It seemed our eladrin friend had not given us the full details regarding our voyage.

The ship was ambushed and boarded in mid-flight by a band of goblinoid pirates who made a foolhardy and frankly haphazard attempt to overcome us, apparently in search of our eladrin associate. Our party made short work of the cargo deck and proceeded to engage a number of blood-frenzied savages on the floor above. Solace seemed most at home in the fray, sidestepping fatal blows with ease and confronting powerful brutes with confidence, throwing them off balance as he felled each in turn. Korrin was, perhaps, out of practice and Lore simply seemed wholly unaccustomed to such frenetic melee as each suffered significant injuries at one point or another. I saw to it that an aggressive bugbear brute regretted ever lifting a weapon and as for the foolish archer who saw fit to level a crossbow at me… Well, Caiphon take his soul, if there was enough of it left after I’d responded to his pathetic attack.

The upper deck proved to be quite the confrontation as we held a narrow gangplank against a fierce warrior intent on boarding our vessel. Our dragonborn friend showed a flair for the heroic, leaping the gap between the two ships to avenge a telling blow on Solace and inspire our band to take out the goblin threat. Solace’s regrettable sense of nobility prevented me from properly punishing a creature marked for death, although I later took to opportunity to instil in him the fear of the void as I extracted information from the cowering thing.

My associates reached an agreement with the largely neutral gnomish engineers of the craft that had docked with us and after some exchanges and repairs had been made, we continued on our way.

Landing safely in Winterhaven, I glimpsed the faint twinkle of Gibbeth near the horizon at sundown. I can only interpret this as a sign that the next few days will be…eventful.



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