The Light Empyrean

Second Session Summary

Memory Aid Type Thynge

- Getting vengeance for Kiara/Cartographer ‘incident’
- Recruited Lucius
- Shadowdark: Gricks, Brain-Inna-Jar, Bloodkissed Beholder, found Duvan
- Departed Shadowfell
- Returned to Aldar, framed for Moider
- Party split: Kadath and Solace flee, Lore and Lucius surrender
- Lore escapes, joins party for jailbreak. Batons are swiped.
- Investigate cult: Warehouse Recon, Cart Chase, Gnome Fight, Feywild Portal found.
- Enter Feywild, spiders happen.
- Firbolgs and Behir, in which we learn never to let Colin near the Dungeon Tiles.
- Journey to Mithrendain, Say No To Satyrs.
- Arrive in the city, get acquainted with locals.
- Rescue Mya, resulting in PLOT TWIST!



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