The Light Empyrean

The Story So Far

A recap

A brief recap of the story so far:

(Very rough, feel free to add links/details/better formatting)

  • Lore’s old mentor, Quarion Lanarias, contacts him after a long and mysterious absence with a request for help.
  • Departed from Aldar by airship to Winterhaven.
  • On the way, Quarion explains that he has been investigating a secret group that appears to be stirring up and funding various cults. His contact, Douven Staul, wants to meet him in Winterhaven to pass on some important findings.
  • Attacked by goblinoid pirates en-route.
  • Arrive in Winterhaven: Douven is dead, and a group of cultists have opened a portal to the Shadowfell beneath a nearby abandoned keep.
  • Quarion’s plan: delve into keep, go through portal, close portal behind, find Douven’s soul in the Shadowfell before it passes on.
  • Enact plan: defeat cult leader-turned blood elemental at portal. Go through portal and seal it.
  • Fight with undead in pentagonal keep on the other side of the portal and meet Kiara.
  • Travel to nearby settlement called Simvita where everything is open 24/7 due to the ghosts from the graveyard doing the night shift.
  • Investigate rumours of cultists kidnapping lost souls before they find their way to the Raven Queen. Go to ruined city where cult or Orcus operates – no sign of Douven, but find a lead to another cult that may have taken him.
  • Help Kiara out with some old friends that betrayed her that need killing.
  • Descend into shadowdark where cult of Vecna operates – find Douven’s soul after defeating a brain in a jar and a beholder with mouths where its eyes should be.
  • Douven tells of cult operating inside Aldar itself – proides clues.
  • Party returns to material plane by way of Shadow Passage ritual at the site of the old portal.
  • Returns to Aldar on airship.
  • Framed for murder! Kadath and Solace flee, Lore and Lucius surrender and are imprisoned.
  • Lore escapes, and joins the rest of the party who have met up with a vigilate group who plan and carry out a jailbreak.
  • Investigate cult: Warehouse Recon, Cart Chase, Invisible Gnome Fight. Portal to Feywild located in a cellar: a pond where if you submerge yourself, you then emerge in the Feywild.
  • Giant Teleporting Spiders.
  • Journey to Mithrendain, the nearest city: meet some Firbolgs and kill a Behir for them; Say No To Satyrs.
  • Arrive in the city, get acquainted with locals. Seems this is Quarion’s home town. His ol flame, Mya, is still here, and very pleased to see him!
  • And she’s been captured by spriggans!
  • But it turns out it was a ruse, and she was working with them all along!
  • Track her to ruins of Cendriane, where she is draining energy from a leyline confluence into a green crystal. Defeat her and stop the ritual, but she escapes through a pre-prepared portal, taking Solace with her. Is also load-bearing boss in a very literal way, as the rocky platform collapses sending everyone plummetting into the Feydark.
  • Land in a huge watery chamber in which the party meet Ptelea, a Wilden Warden, and a Kraken. The former joins them and they fight the latter.
  • Ptelea has been tracking Maya, and leads the party to a hideout of hers elsewhere in the caves.
  • Find Maya in hideout, destroy her and rescue Solace – also fight a strange dark humanoid who wields powers of void energy, and escapes. He seemed to be working with Maya. Ptelea leaves.
  • On the surface, the party finds a strange desecrated garden/cemetary littered with riddles and traps.
  • Lore dies, is resurrected, and decides to take on a support role for a while. In Mithrendain, the party meet Nightingale, a Half Elf Invoker of Pelor, who joins them.
  • At the centre of the Garden of Graves the party find a bizzare eldritch engine that is leeching arcane energy from the surrounding Feywild environment.
  • In Mithrendain, Quarion and Lore study the pieces of the eldritch engine for some kind of clue. They eventually identify an energy pattern linking it to the lost city of Moil in the Shadowfell.
  • Party set off for Baba Yaga’s Dancing Hut, which is passing through the area at the time, in hopes of finding a way to Moil.
  • The party wonders the hut killing and looting until they find Elena, Baba Yaga’s adopted daughter. She has gone mad, accidentally created a dream version of her sister Natasha who left several years ago (who is now trying to kill her), and gotten involved with a dashing young chap who turns out to be a passion devil and spy for the Nine Hells.
  • The party reveal the truth about her lover, defeat Natasha, and use her essence in a ritual to cure her madness.
  • The passion devil bribes the party with the Moil teleportation circle sigil sequence in exchange for his life. But they also leave him locked up for Baba Yaga to deal with.



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