A spunky young Shadar-kai hunter the Light Empyrean encounter in the Shadowfell


Shortly after entering the Shadowfell, the Light Empyrean met Kiara, a Shadar-kai hunter, at an old outpost of Orcus. Despite her shadowy appearance, she is a passionate, exuberant young woman – a refreshing sight for the party in the dreary, sepulchral environs that they find themselves in.


This attractive young Shadar-kai has long, flowing white hair. A tattoo of a raven’s head adorns her right cheek, a pair of black feathered wings on her back, and an intricate symbol on her chest. Her ears, nose, eyebrow, tongue, and navel are pierced. She wears a revealing, but practical black leather top and black gloves that extend up her arms, and wields a large, exotically shaped knife in each hand.


The Light Empyrean Lycastus