Korrin, level 6 Dragonborn Warlord

Commanding Presence: Inspiring Presence
Dragon Breath: Acid, Strength
Background: Gritty Sergeant
Gritty Sergeant: Weapon Proficiency (longbow)

Final Ability Scores

  • Str 19
  • Con 13
  • Dex 10
  • Int 11
  • Wis 8
  • Cha 19


  • AC: 22
  • Fort: 19
  • Reflex: 14
  • Will: 19

Hit Points

  • HP: 50
  • Surges: 8
  • Surge Value: 13

Trained Skills

  • Intimidate
  • Athletics
  • Diplomacy
  • Endurance


  1. Armor Proficiency (Scale)
  2. Enlarged Dragon Breath
  3. Harlequin Style
  4. Improved Inspiring Word


  • 1, At-Will: Brash Assault
  • 1, At-Will: Furious Smash
  • 1, Encounter: Hammer and Anvil
  • 1, Daily: Fearless Rescue
  • 2, Utility: Knight’s Move—> Shake it Off
  • 3, Encounter: Inspiring War Cry—> Warlord’s Strike
  • 5, Daily: Stand the Fallen
  • 6, Utility: Rousing Words


  • Aecris Longsword +1
  • Vicious Halberd +1
  • Black Iron Scale Armor +1
  • Amulet of Resolution +1
  • Battle Standard of Might (heroic tier)
  • Longbow
  • Arrows (150)
  • Adventurer’s Kit

Korrin is a disciplined warrior, exercising and practicing his martial art at daybreak each day. In combat he turns this discipline inward, becoming an emotionless, brutally objective soldier, barking sharp commands to his allies to bring them into the perfect position to annihilate the foe.

At 6’6”, Korrin towers over most humans and other races, and atop his broad shoulders sits a calculating head. Numerous scars from cuts and burns adorn his face. Clad in old, but well kept, scale and brandishing a vicious looking halberd, he is an intimidating sight to behold.

Hailing from the mostly dragonborn settlement of Tarlath, Korrin grew up with a fine martial tradition behind him. He joined the Garrakian Army when he came of age. Working hard, he earned the rank of sergeant and was put in charge of an elite unit of dragonborn, The Dragons.

A veteran of the Twelfth War of Dreams, Korrin leading The Dragons on many daring missions. One fateful day, near the conclusion of the war, he lead his unit on a raid against The Vigilant Tower, which had fallen into enemy hands. The attack was ill prepared for the magical defences and defenders, and most of the unit were killed in the initial push. Realising the error, and cursing the misleading intelligence that had been provided, Korrin ordered a withdrawal.


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