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  • Aldar

    Aldar is situated in the province of [[Alukan]] on the continent of [[Durell]]. It is known as The Misty City due to a light, cool mist, known as [[The White Mist]] that hangs over the entire city, regardless of the weather conditions. At the heart of …

  • Durell

    A continent on the Material Plane, home to the following areas of note (amongst many, many others): [[Alukan]], a developing province home to many magical and technological innovations.

    [[Aldar]], The [[The White Mist|Misty]] City. Built around the …

  • Alukan

    A province on the continent of [[Durell]], home to the following notable locations, among others. [[Aldar]], the Misty City.

    [[Innsmouth]], a small town in the north of the region recently witness to some very strange occurances indeed...