Aldar is situated in the province of Alukan on the continent of Durell. It is known as The Misty City due to a light, cool mist, known as The White Mist that hangs over the entire city, regardless of the weather conditions. At the heart of Aldar lies The Fountain of Dreams. Just to the north west of the city sits The Vigilant Tower


Aldar has changed hands many time over the centuries. Its history has been an endless cycle of war and prosperity: a war is fought over who controls the city; the eventual victor holds the city, and from it founds a powerful empire; a rival attempts to seize the city, and there is war again. These are called the Wars of Dreams.

The last War of Dreams ended not twenty years ago, when the Garrakians were finally ousted from the city by the Echra. Until then, it had been a worldwide beacon of culture and religion. Great temples to many gods were the destination of pilgrimmages from far and wide.

Under the rulership of Echra, however, it has become a great trade hub. Traders, not pilgrims, are now the most common visitors to Aldar. It is a bustling metropolis now, industrialised and cosmopolitan. Recent developments in magic and engineering have brought great technological marvels to the city, for those wealthy enough to afford such luxuries. Enchanted lanterns light the streets at night, while mindless automatons clean the gutters and drive carriages carrying influential characters to and from operas and fancy parties… in the richer districts, at least.


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