In flesh, I am of this world. In soul, I am Cosmic, Unknowable…Empyrean. Mine is the power of the Distant Ones, transcendent in their splendorous sea of eternity. It calls me and I savour every moment of its beckoning melody. The Void, my Destiny. Starborn I am, a Radiant soul ascending…

My pact… souls three bound to the stars, that I might invoke their influence on this material world. I know not the ultimate fate of those souls…whether they…suffer. Know this – I am not a being of evil, I do not live to harm. I…

Things are as they are. I owe no debt.

I owe no debt.

United under the Guiding Light of Caiphon, they are. Glorious Delban, Unknowable Gibbeth and… Ravenous Hadar. What hath thou wrought, engulfing expanse of unlight? My pact with thee is of necessity, no more…

Aspect of Delban
What do you see when you look into a man’s eyes? You see what I want you to see. And I see through you. Supreme confidence. Conviction. These are the hallmarks of the strong, the convincing. All the better if one can provide…substance… The mortal mind is weak, pliable. I have no patience for those who bar my way with threats of…physicality. Break the mind, break the man. The weak drink at the font of my arrogance and love me for it. I care not.

Iranon…perhaps you resent this application of your talents. I cannot apologise, your sacrifice was vital. You pointed the way and for that I thank you.

Solace... Solace disagrees. But he is not weak of mind. I must consider his approach, he is well-versed in the art of negotiation. This, I begrudgingly admit, appears to be to his credit. A useful ally. His concern for my soul is…quaint. He believes I am to be kept in check. He wont put it so bluntly himself, of course. His high-minded concepts of ‘morality’ are useful amongst those who share such similar delusions, but ultimately I will not be deterred from any course of action that leads me to my ultimate goal. Perhaps he truly believes my soul can be ‘saved’, that it can be extricated from the binds of my solemn pact. One might as well try to extract the flour from a loaf of bread, the yeast from a barrel of ale. There is more to this tiefling than any of our number have yet seen, I watch his progress with interest.

Aspect of Hadar
Hadar, that darkest of nebulae, never visible alongside Guiding Caiphon. Dwelling in the far reaches, out of sight when the world lies dark. Why did you answer the call of the Purple Star? What is your wish?

From you…stoicism. One should be slow to anger, certainly, no need in bloodshed when it is uncalled for. Perseverance is another quality to be aspired to and this I shall observe.

The threat of violence, however…

Aspect of Gibbeth
Gibbeth, Unknowable One, eviscerator of sanity. Your gift to me I savour. In time, I shall harness your power and then I shall truly have the power I crave over the minds of mortals.

Preparation, Forethought, Insight, Intellect, these virtues you grant me if I can but see through the haze of this clouded bodily shell. Win the battle in your mind and it is already won in reality. I follow your guidance in conjunction with glorious Caiphon.

I see your influence on our scholarly companion. I do not know if this… Lore knows quite how difficult he makes things for himself. Forever researching, testing, theorising. Let. Go. There is no need for such a cumbersome route to power. Not for me, at least. Oh glorious starborn ones, how I thank you for your favour…

Caiphon. I look to you. Take me.


The Light Empyrean Unknown_Kadath