[First Draft]

Lore, originally ‘Shade’, was born to a single tiefling mother in the slums of Aldar. Outwardly, the signs of his infernal heritage are subtle. His small horns are easily hidden by a crop of long, jet black hair, leaving casual observers with only his deep red eyes and somewhat menacing look as clues.

His mother was abandoned in the streets as a baby, surviving only due to the kindness of other beggars and outcasts. Inevitably she grew up to join their ranks. During his childhood, he was brought up to follow her trade, and as such spent his early years lifting purses and practicing other petty theft in order to get by. This may well have been his eventual fate as well, however as he matured, he realised both that he was not entirely human, and that he had powers not trivially explained away. These combined led him to develop a keen interest in tracing his family history, most especially the source of this power.

He began his research into the nature of such powers by frequenting the public libraries available at Elysium C’in Kamisto, a prestigious hub of thaumaturgical research. Initially regarded as an oddity, he soon became known as a regular, and was accepted, to a level. In a progression that seemed natural, at least to him, his studies moved on to the arcane arts. It soon became evident that the powers he exhibited due to his heritage, and the arcane arts, were in fact mostly unrelated. However by this point his curiosity had taken him, and he continued to read around the subject. Initially just for interest, he soon began attempting to teach himself magic.

It was at this point that the staff who had contact with him took note. He was approached by a fellow of the Elysium by the name of Quarion Lanarias, who offered him a scholarship if he could demonstrate sufficient natural talent. The tests were passed, and he matriculated as a student under the name of ‘Lore’, chosen himself to better reflect his new direction of life.

During this time his abilities flourished, and his command of the arcana increased. However, Lore displayed a far more hands on attitude to magic than most students, often being far too keen to attempt new spells and frequently causing… incidents. These ranged from minor inconveniences (Attempting to send a vocal message to someone a distance away instead produced a screaming noise that woke most of the university in the early hours), to somewhat destructive (Accidentally erasing the contents of a spell book he was reading, rather than the parchment he meant to be the subject of the spell), and finally one incident requiring evacuation of personnel and delicate reversal (Transmuting the floor of the library into a jelly like substance. As this floor bore a large amount of weight, and the properties of the new floor were unknown, the building was evacuated for safety whilst a team of experienced wizards attempted to persuade the floor to ‘set’).

He was popular, for both his wit and ability, but especially after the disappearance of his mentor, Quarion Lanarias, it became obvious that he did not entirely fit… Thus it was by mutual agreement that he was sent to the field. He would continue to learn magic in an environment less at odds with his practical approach, and report back any significant new findings. This suited him, as it allowed him the freedom he liked, and also enabled him to continue his research into his heritage, which had dried up after he exhausted the contents of the library.

Wishing to further his research, but knowing first hand how hard it is to make it on your own, he now travels with a party known as The Light Empyrean.


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