Quarion Lanarias

A renowned cosmologist and wizard, and expert in teleportation magic. One of the foremost authorities on the planes and the structure of the universe, and a highly respected member of the academic community. This was Quarion Lanarias. So it was a great shock, and a loss to the field of interplanar magic, when three years ago, he vanished without trace. At first, there was great investigation into his disappearance. However, as is the case with all mysteries that go too long without a trace of solution, he was forgotten. Now, it is likely the only ones who would recognise the name Quarion Lanarias were those who knew him personally – and there were few enough of those.

One of those was Lore, a Tiefling he had worked with several times in the past. Lore had, like most who knew Quarion, long given up hope of ever seeing his friend and colleague again. He was mystified, but intensely curious, then, when he recieved a note:

I need your help. Meet me at the Guiding Light Inn.

It can’t be, he thought…

Quarion Lanarias

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