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Born to the poorer reaches of the great City of Aldar, the tiefling now known as Porthos made his early years amongst the gutterthieves of that district’s children. Possessed of infernal strength and gifted with a powerful presence, he quickly rose to leader of the Shadows of the Mist, one of the small gangs that littered the district. Whether due to his tainted blood or the stresses of his life, he was prone to fits of madness, hell fueled rages that bubbled to the surface and caused him to strike out at those opposing him with renewed infernal strength. He tried to surpress such rages, but they bubbled up still from time to time. Such bouts of violence soon became well known and the Shadows of the Mist grew from the fear that spread before them.

It was around this time that the Order of the Wandering Sun came to the district. A missionary sect of the Church of Pelor, devoting themselves to spreading the Light of Pelor and aiding those in need. The young Porthos heard the preachings of a Father Thomas and, inspired by the clerics fevor, resolved to try and mend his actions.

At his direction, the Shadows of the Mist moved from causal thuggery and small time theft, focussing their criminal activities on those judged cruel or malevolent. Their reputation slowly changed from shady thugs to minor vigilantee champions of the people. Such activities got more far reaching, into other gangs turf. Minor scraps reignited between the rival gangs. It was in one such fight that tragedy struck. Brawling with his opposing number, the infernal rage overtook Porthos and he threw his opponent to the ground. But it did not stop there, blinded with fury, he drew a knife and struck again and again at the prone form before him.

When the madness cleared, all around him stood in shock. Gang disputes often came to violence, but rarely ended in outright bloodshed. Shocked by what had happened, Porthos staggered with the bleeding body of his rival to the Shrine of Pelor.

Whilst the priests worked to try and save the life of the bleeding goliath, Father Thomas took Porthos to one side and discovered what had happened. Shaken by the news of the dark clouds that filled the mind of the young tiefling obviously trying so hard to shake off his infernal ancestry, he resolved to take him on as an assistant. Believing that staying in the city would tie Porthos to his past, Thomas deceided to retake up the missionary life.

In their travels, Thomas trained Porthos both in the ways of the missionary and to control the devil inside him. If his rages could not be smothered, and if his past history was any proof they could not, then they should be channeled against the forces of darkness. He aided the purging of the undead and reconsecration of a Church of Pelor. He trained alongside the village militia and fought off goblin raiders during the Defence of Merrydale alongside the Templars of the Wandering Sun. And during the Cleansing of the Venomous Mines, he took command of the picket which struck down escaping kruthik as the Templars slew the Hive Lord.

It was after this, that Thomas gifted him an axe imbued with the fires of Pelor and told him to make his own way into the World. Porthos took this axe and in doing so left his past behind him. He would now be known as Solace, a Templar of Pelor, sworn to bring Light to the Darkness.

GM’s Note:

For the moment I’ve picked the name “Shadows of the Mist” for Solace’s old gang, will stick with this unless anyone has any fantastically better ideas.


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